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Abmi reading of over 30 would indicate that a person is

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Can someone me. so last night i was with my girl and i ended up with a peanut butter jar in my anus. sadly we have tried to pull it out but its well stuck in there : ( any ideas how to get it out?
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Part 2: nutritional program – create a diet plan for your profiled person to include: list the five basic food groups and the recommended amounts from myplate (20 points) which two groups should be more than half of your plate? which two groups should make up less than half of your plate? which one group sits to the side of your plate? give examples of a daily menu for your person including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks meeting the 5 food group daily amounts (40 points). total number of calories consumed daily (10 points). list five suggestions for healthy snack alternatives (20 points)
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15 min. leftread about what these classmates had for lunch and identify the missing terms. mark eats whole-wheat pasta mixed with vegetables for lunch. for dessert, he has a cherry popsicle. the whole-wheat pasta and fresh vegetables will be digested (faster than, slower than, at the same rate as) the popsicle.
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Fill in the following 6 words into the correct blanks.
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Abmi reading of over 30 would indicate that a person is...
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