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Contamination of food items by other living organism is known as

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Aresearcher lyses a cell that contains nucleic acid molecules and capsomeres of tobacco mosaic virus (tmv). the cell contents are left in a covered test tube overnight. the next day this mixture is sprayed on tobacco plants. we expect that the plants would ) develop some but not all of the symptoms of the tmv infectionb) develop the typical symptoms of tmv infectionc) not show any disease symptomsd) become infected, but the sap from these plants would be unable to infect other plants
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Describe the structure of a monosaccharide and name the three monosaccharides important in nutrition.
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Apregnant women is paining her diet
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At lower itching nausea and depression a) dramamine b) heroin c) cocaine d) marijuana
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Contamination of food items by other living organism is known as...
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