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Match the following items:

1. won the battle of lake erie
2. won the battle of lake champlain
3. war hawks
4. witnessed the british bombardment of fort mchenry
5. first to declare act of congress unconstitutional
6. president jefferson's secretary of state
7. sold the louisiana territory to the united states
8. explored the louisiana territory and points west
9. president jefferson's secretary of the treasury
10. a federalist judge who wanted his commission granted
11. won the battle of new orleans against the british
12. bought an empire instead of a city

john c. calhoun and henry clay

thomas macdonough

john marshall

oliver hazard perry

francis scott key


james madison

william marbury

lewis and clark

albert gallatin

monroe and livingston

andrew jackson

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Match the following items:

1. won the battle of lake erie
2. won the battle of la...
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