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What are three things thomas paine did during the enlightenment/scientific revolution

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How many times greater was the royal debt in 1715 than in 1643
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1. refers to all the ways of thinking and acting that a person acquires from society. society, population, or culture.2. what do we mean when we say that culture is acquired and not hereditary? a. it is a part of our genetic inheritance.b. we acquire it during puberty.c. it comes from our training as we grow up.if a vietnamese baby was raised by english parents in london, the baby would most likely behave like: a. a vietnameseb. an americanc. an englishmanthe primary way in which culture is transmitted is through language.true? orfalse? which of the following are means of cultural communications? select all that work with the question. a. gesturesb. laughterc. songsd. military symbolse. bellsf. processionsg. crossesh. caps and gowns i will give 20 pts.
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Why was the outcome of oswald’s trial for the assassination of president kennedy
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Brainliestt asap! me : ) describe the difference : capitalism vs. communism
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What are three things thomas paine did during the enlightenment/scientific revolution...
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