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What is one reason why the expansion of the railroads caused prices of products to drop during the gilded age? a. railroads provided transportation for products to markets in rural areas of the south. b. railroads provided cheap and fast transportation for both raw materials and products. c. railroads provided fast transportation of raw materials to ports for overseas shipments. d. railroads provided expensive but fast transportation of raw materials and products.

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What other considerations besides geographic ones did the allies have to take into account when choosing a site for the invasion?
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1. why didnt the league of nations(lon) stop germany and italy from being aggressive towards other nations before the war? a. the lon supported german and italian aggression b. the lon was only concerned about japanese aggression c. the lon didnt have an army or real power to enforce what it wanted d. the lon was busy solving the spanish civil war2. why did allied powers try to appease nazi germany before ww11? a. all the following were reasons for appeasement b. world war 1 was so terrible that many leaders never wanted another war c. many people thought the newly-streangthened soviet union was a bigger threatd. many leaders wondered if they could win another war or if their old allies (like america) would even join their side this time 3. at the end of the war what 2 countrys emerged as global superpowers? (2) a. the united states b. great britain c. france d. the union of soviet socialist republics e. germany
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The nineteenth century was an era of great inventions in the united states. look at the list of inventions below and order them from most to least important (in your opinion). then explain why you ranked the top three inventions as most important. 1834: refrigerator invented by jacob perkins 1837: morse code invented by samuel morse 1853: elevator invented by elisha graves otis 1873: typewriter invented by christopher latham sholes 1876: telephone invented by alexander graham bell 1877: gramophone invented by thomas edison 1879: light bulb invented by thomas edison 1886: dishwasher invented by josephine cochran
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Which of the following is the main reason early new england had villages rather than cities? 1. the area did not have ports for trade. 2. not many people lived in new england at the time. 3. new england did not have the natural resources to support cities. 4. the settlers set up new england with villages for religious reasons.
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