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What romantic value is expressed in beethoven’s words about nature?

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Which of the following is a characteristic in which africa, europe and the americas were similar? a. all three had extensive trade routes b. all three were advanced,for their time, in the practices of agriculture c. all three had a type of political structure present d. all of the above
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Take the role of james madison write an essay for the federalist papers urging states to ratify the constitution use details about the constitution to support your argument
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Which of the following groups was from new york but felt ostracized by their neighbors because of their religious beliefs? question 40 options: irish catholics germans chinese immigrants mormons
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Why might the spanish government have approved of the encomienda system? a the system allowed for fair treatment of all under it, leading to a happy and prosperous colony. b the system used natives as slaves which meant the government was able to maximize their profit of exported goods. c the system allowed for mostly profitable trade within the different colonies. d the system was a great example of how to successfully run a colony, making spain a world power.
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What romantic value is expressed in beethoven’s words about nature?...
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