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he was elected as georgia's governor four times in the 1930s and 1940s, advocated the "county unit system" of primary voting, and was an outspoken critic of president franklin delano roosevelt.

a) ellis arnall
b) eugene talmadge
c) herman talmadge
d) melvin thompson

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At the casablanca conference, allied leaders signed an agreement to share military technology decided to launch an invasion of southern france agreed to accept only the unconditional surrender of the axis powers agreed to form a scientific team to create the atomic bomb
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Which goal was most likely to be supported by both poor peasents and city merchants in the early years of the french revolution? an end to feudal privileges overthrow of the monarchy destruction of the power of the catholic church suppression of the third estate take your time to answer, i'm not in a big rush
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Which french colony used the french revolution as inspiration to gain its own independence? a. brazil b. nicaragua c. haiti d. honduras e. ecuador
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Were the goals and actions of the mutualistas more similar to those of the antidefamation league?
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