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)-|10| evaluate the expression when x= -15

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If, while training for a marathon, you ran 60 miles in 2 2/3 months, how many miles did you run each month? (assume you ran the same amount each month) write your answer as a whole number, proper fraction, or mixed number in simplest form. you ran __ miles each month.
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Aubrey read 29 books and eli read 52 books what number is equal to the number of books aubrey read?
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Mrs. flores uses 1 1/5 cups of lemon juice for every 3 1/4 cups of tea for her arnold palmer recipe.enter the numbers of cups of lemon juice mr. flores use for 1 cup of tea
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In cents, what is the least total amount that cannot be obtained by using a combination of fewer than eight coins from a collection of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters?
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)-|10| evaluate the expression when x= -15...
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