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9/16÷3/4. i had to add more characters to let me add my answer ​

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In ∆abc, on the extension of the side bc , draw a line segment cd such that cd ≅ ca . draw the segment ad . the line segment ce is the angle bisector of ∠acb. the line segment cf is the median towards ad in ∆acd. prove: cf ⊥ ce .
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The price of a visit to the dentist is calculated according to the formula 50+100n50+100n where nn is the number of cavities the dentist finds. on your last visit to the dentist, 22 cavities were found. what was the cost of your visit?
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In order to be invited to tutoring or extension activities a students performance 20 point higher or lower than average for the
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The measures of the angles in △abc are given by the expressions in the table. angle measure angle a 65° angle b (3x−10)° angle c ​​​​(2x)∘ find the value of x. then find the m∠b and m∠c.
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9/16÷3/4. i had to add more characters to let me add my answer ​...
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