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Can a system of two linear equations have exactly two solutions?

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Choose the number sentence that shows the identity property of addition. a. 122 = 61 + 61 b. 62 = 1 + 61 c. 61 = 0 + 61
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Tom is the deli manager at a grocery store. he needs to schedule employee to staff the deli department for no more that 260 person-hours per week. tom has one part-time employee who works 20 person-hours per week. each full-time employee works 40 person-hours per week. write and inequality to determine n, the number of full-time employees tom may schedule, so that his employees work on more than 260 person-hours per week. graph the solution set to this inequality.
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Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region enclosed by the curves y=1x and y=7^-x about the x-axis. (use symbolic notation and fractions where needed.) volume =
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If a line is defined by the equation y = 5x + 2, what is the slope?
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