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Find (5.2 x 107)(5 x 108) (3.2 x 106)(5 x 105) , expressed in scientific notation. a) 1.625 x 104 b) 1.625 x 105 c) 8.125 x 104 d) 8.125 x 105

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Draw the line of reflection that reflects △abc onto triangle δ a'b'c'
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Suppose that the eavesdropper uses the above algorithm and has a computer that can carry out in 1 microsecond (1 millionth of a second) a division between two integers of up to 100 bits each. give an estimate of the time that it will take in the worst case to decipher the secret message if r has 100 bits.
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Asap its important using the information in the customer order, determine the length and width of the garden. enter the dimensions.length: feetwidth: feet
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Pleasse me i need an answer. give me the correct answer. answer if you know it ! the club will base its decision about whether to increase the budget for the indoor rock climbing facility on the analysis of its usage. the decision to increase the budget will depend on whether members are using the indoor facility at least two times a week. use the best measure of center for both data sets to determine whether the club should increase the budget. assume there are four weeks in a month. if you think the data is inconclusive, explain why.
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Find (5.2 x 107)(5 x 108) (3.2 x 106)(5 x 105) , expressed in scientific notation. a) 1.625 x 104 b)...
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