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Identify the list that has each point correctly identified. l(1, 2), m(-3, -4), n(5, -1) l(2, 1), m(-4, -3), n(-1, 5) l(1, 2), m(-3, 4), n(5, -1) l(1, 2), m(-3, -4), n(-5, -1)

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What are the solutions of the equation? 16x^2 + 24x + 5 = 5 a. 1/4, 5/4 b. -1/4, -5/4 c. -1/4, 5/4 d. 1/4 , -5/4
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Me! i really need to get this right before 9. prove the divisibility of 7^6+7^5-7^4 by 11. use factoring so you get a number times 11. just tell me the number. i need this done asap
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I'm at a bookstore with $\$35$ in my pocket and a $20\%$-off coupon. what is the cost of the most expensive book i can buy with my money and the coupon? (assume that there are books of every possible price in the bookstore. it's a large bookstore! )
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Which scenarios are most effectively explored by conducting an experiment? there is more than one correct answer. select all that apply. researchers want to study the effectiveness of a particular drug for treating migraines. they want to know which dosage of the drug yields the best results with the least side effects. to ensure fair results, the researchers want to ensure that participants and dosage administrators do not know which dosage participants receive. a teacher wants to plan a class fieldtrip and quickly determine where students prefer to go for the class fieldtrip. a car mechanic wants to know which of two engine brands makes better-performing engines. he wants to test the engines in identical situations and rate their performance in a way that can be fairly measured. a chemist studies the properties of a metal compound. she wants to know how the sample size of the metal affects its ability to conduct electricity. she wants to conduct the research in a controlled environment to minimize bias. a realty company wants to know the average income of its clients. the company wants to gather data income from current clients.
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Identify the list that has each point correctly identified. l(1, 2), m(-3, -4), n(5, -1) l(2, 1), m(...
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