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If monique spends $2.80 on 3 1/2 lbs of banana how much did monique pay for each pound of banana?

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Hey bakery display easter cookies equally on seven trays if there are 567 cookies how many cookies are on each tray
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On the way home from visiting his family, vincent’s plane cruised at an altitude of 3.2 × 104 feet. he had heard that a man named felix baumgartner skydived from an altitude of 1.28 × 105 feet. vincent wants to know how much higher felix went on his skydiving trip. question 1 you have already seen how adding numbers works in either scientific notation or standard notation. but can you subtract numbers in scientific notation and get the same results as subtracting in standard notation? to find out, first solve vincent’s problem in standard notation. part a write the cruising altitude of vincent’s plane in standard notation.
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55 bridesmaids want to make 325 325 decorations for a wedding. each decoration takes about 212 2 1 2 minutes to make. which response gives the best estimate for the amount of time each bridesmaid will spend making decorations?
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You got a job selling magazines door-to-door. you are paid $100 per day plus $1.50 for each magazine you sell. which recursive formula models this situation?
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If monique spends $2.80 on 3 1/2 lbs of banana how much did monique pay for each pound of banana?...
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