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Solve for x. 3^x−1=9^x+2 enter your answer in the box. x =

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In which of the situations can information about tyler be represented by the expression r+3 when r represents information about ray? check all that apply.
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For the equation below, x is the input and y is the output. y = -4x + 3 if the input is -8, then the output is
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6.(q^9)^2 a. 2q^18 b. q^18 c. q^81 d.q^11 7.(6q^6)^-4 a. 6q^1296 b. 1296q^2 c. 1/1296q^24 d. 6q^-24 8. what is the value of 12x^-3 y^-1 for x = -1 and y = 5? a. -12/5 b.-10 c.-0 d.5/12
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You are designing a rectangular pet pen for your new baby puppy. you have 30 feet of fencing you would like the fencing to be 6 1/3 feet longer than the width
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Solve for x. 3^x−1=9^x+2 enter your answer in the box. x =...
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