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The sum of 4 times a number and 2 equals 8

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Asif spent $745.10 on 13 new file cabinets for his office. small file cabinets cost $43.50 and large file cabinets cost $65.95. write and solve a system of equations to find the number of small cabinets and large cabinets he purchased. determine if each statement is true or false. 1. he purchased 5 small cabinets. true or false 2. he purchased 7 large cabinets. true or false 3. he spent $527.60 on large cabinets. true or false
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To determine the number of deer in a forest a forest ranger tags 280 and releases them back
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Amira is painting a rectangular banner 2 1/4 yards wide. the banner will have a blue background. amira has enough paint to cover 1 1/2 square yards of the wall. the school colors are blue and yellow, so amira wants to add yellow rectangles on the left and right sides of the blue rectangle. the yellow rectangles will each be 3/4 yards wide and the same height as the blue rectangle. what will be the total area of the two yellow rectangles?
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In a city, 25% of the parking meters accept nickels. in a random sample of 60 parking meters, 12 parking meters accepted nickles what are p and p choose exactly 2 answers that are correct p=0.12 ^ p=0.12 p=0.2 ^ p=0.2
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The sum of 4 times a number and 2 equals 8...
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