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To rent a midsize car for one day, tom's car rentals charges a fee of $0.25 per mile driven. use your function from the previous question, to predict the total cost of renting a car for one day, given that you plan to drive the car 200 miles.

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Analyze the data sets below. data set a 25,25,25,26,26,26,27,28,28,29,30,31,31,32,33,33,34,35,35,35 data set b 25,25,25,26,26,26,26,27,27,27,27,28,28,29,29,30,31,31,32,34 which of the following statement are true? select all that apply. a. data set a is relatively symmetric and data set b is skewed left. b.the means of the data sets are within 3 units from eachother. c.the data sets have the same standard deviation. d.the mean of data set a is 27.95 and the mean of data set b is 30. e. the data set b has a higher standard deviation than data set a. f. the mean and median of data set a are close in value.
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Someone answer asap for ! the total ticket sales for a high school basketball game were $2,260. the ticket price for students were $2.25 less than the adult ticket price. the number of adult tickets sold was 230, and the number of student tickets sold was 180. what was the price of an adult ticket?
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Which numbers have the same absolute value? choose all that apply. asap will mark at brainliest
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4. bob solved the inequality problem below incorrectly. explain his error and redo the problem showing the correct answer. ? 2x + 5 < 17 ? 2x + 5-5 < 17-5 -2x/-2 < 12/-2 x < -6
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To rent a midsize car for one day, tom's car rentals charges a fee of $0.25 per mile driven. use you...
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