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What is the value of 4x^2 + 5x when x = 1

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Find the surface area of the prism formed by the net
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The given dot plot represents the average daily temperatures, in degrees fahrenheit, recorded in a town during the first 15 days of september. if the dot plot is converted to a box plot, the first quartile would be drawn at __ , and the third quartile would be drawn at __ link to graph: .
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Need an artist designed a badge for a school club. figure abcd on the coordinate grid below shows the shape of the badge: the badge is enlarged and plotted on the coordinate grid as figure jklm with point j located at (2, -2) and point m is located at (5, 4). which of these could be the coordinates for point l? a. (2, 4) b. (8, 4) c. (5, 1) d. (5, 7)
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Which of the points a(6, 2), b(0, 0), c(3, 2), d(−12, 8), e(−12, −8) belong to the graph of direct variation y= 2/3 x?
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What is the value of 4x^2 + 5x when x = 1...
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