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One capacitor is charged until its stored energy is 4.5 j. a second uncharged capacitor is then connected to it in parallel.
(a) if the charge distributes equally, what is now the total energy stored in the electric fields?
(b) where did the excess energy go?
a) kinetic energy of the electrons
b) thermal energy in the wire
c) potential energy is stored in the current
d) potential energy is stored in the magnetic field

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1point) a skydiver weighing 130 lb (including equipment) falls vertically downward from an altitude of 14,000 ft and opens the parachute after 20 s of free fall. assume that the force of air resistance, which is directed opposite to the velocity, is of magnitude 0.85|v|0.85|v| when the parachute is closed and is of magnitude 17|v|17|v| when the parachute is open, where the velocity vv is measured in ft/s. assume that acceleration due to gravity has magnitude 32 ft/s/s; remember that weight is the product of mass and gravitational acceleration. find the speed of the skydiver when the parachute opens. speed is 150.6121788 ft/s find the skydiver's height when the parachute opens. height is 2338.98591 ft find the limiting velocity vlvl after the parachute opens. (think about whether this should be positive or negative.) vl=vl= 7.647 ft/s
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Astone is dropped from a cliff and falls 9.44 meters. what is the speed of the stone when it reaches the ground? a. 13.6 m/sec b. 1.39 m/sec c. 185 m/sec d. 9.80 m/sec
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If we relied solely on the nonrenewable resources found in the u.s., which one would we run out of first at current usage levels? a. natural gas b. oil c. uranium d. coal
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What kind of waves require a medium to travel? question 6 options: light waves mechanical waves all waves need a medium to travel electromagnetic waves
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One capacitor is charged until its stored energy is 4.5 j. a second uncharged capacitor is then conn...
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