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You throw a ball upward with a speed of 14m/s. what is the acceleration of the ball after it leaves your hand? ignore air resistance and provide an explanation for your answer.

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Ared apple is illuminated by a blue light the apple will appear
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1point) a skydiver weighing 130 lb (including equipment) falls vertically downward from an altitude of 14,000 ft and opens the parachute after 20 s of free fall. assume that the force of air resistance, which is directed opposite to the velocity, is of magnitude 0.85|v|0.85|v| when the parachute is closed and is of magnitude 17|v|17|v| when the parachute is open, where the velocity vv is measured in ft/s. assume that acceleration due to gravity has magnitude 32 ft/s/s; remember that weight is the product of mass and gravitational acceleration. find the speed of the skydiver when the parachute opens. speed is 150.6121788 ft/s find the skydiver's height when the parachute opens. height is 2338.98591 ft find the limiting velocity vlvl after the parachute opens. (think about whether this should be positive or negative.) vl=vl= 7.647 ft/s
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What elements are found in the inner and out core of the earth? the correct layers of earth's interior from the top to the center? what is the unwanted material that is removed from a mine called? how much stronger is an earthquake that registers 5 on the richter as opposed to 2? what occurs at a convergence plate boundary? the majority of the the earth's rock what is the most common element found in the earth's crust? what element is found in pyrite that contributes to acid mine drainage? why must mining companies post bond prior to permitting? how are bacteria being used in treating effluent from mines? what is a problem of acid mine drainage in rivers and soils? what do tectonic plates move on? why is gold smelting so damaging? how are artesian wells formed? where is dammed water colder than the river it flows into? what is one of the problems of uncontained aqueducts? what is the largest use of industrial water? underground sand and gravel formations that can store water? what type of water test measure acidity? which type of water test for cloudiness from suspended solids? what water test measures the amount of calcium and magnesium? these are all problems of coal power plants all of the following are advantages of riparian lands along rivers what type of water would be the warmest and have the least amount of dissolved oxygen? the zone of aeration is
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The arrival of in the early days of europa’s existence could have formed its ocean. it is likely that the water experienced similar to earth. it is also possible that this water is retained beneath europa’s surface and in its atmosphere due to europa’s . 1.) a. precipitation b. water vapor c. icy debris 2.) a. gravitational compression b. biochemical cycling c. radiogenic heating 3.) a, gravity b. magnetic field c. heat energy for plato
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