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1. (a) discuss the similarities and differences between fixed and flexible central-resource theories of attention capacity.
(b) discuss the differences between central- and multiple-resource theories of attention capacity
2. describe a motor skill situation in which two or more actions must be performed simultaneously, and then discuss how kahneman's model of attention could be applied to the situation to explain conditions in which all the actions could be performed simultaneously and when they could not be
3. discuss two different dual-task techniques that researchers use to assess the attention demands of performing a motor skill. give an example of each
4. (a) describe the width and direction of attentiorn focus options a person has when performing a motor skill.
(b) for each type, describe a motor skill situation in which that focus option would be preferred
5. discuss whether a person should focus attention on his or her own movements or on the movement effects.
give an example minimum 100 words per answer.

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1. (a) discuss the similarities and differences between fixed and flexible central-resource theories...
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