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Anna, a single parent, is a full-time manager at a flower store. her teenage daughter, tina, is a resident student in another city. anna observes that tina has been smoking heavily since she returned home for her summer vacation. she fears that tina is being exposed to bad habits at school and decides to talk to her about it after dinner. this additional emotional energy spent by anna in dealing with her daughter can be referred to as the

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Scientific thinking by psychologists is characterized by all of the following except: a) they realize that conclusions are tentative and could change depending on future researchb) they are most interested in finding answers to the "big" questionsc) they expect claims to be supported and collected in a systematic fashiond) they assume that behavior has causes that can be discovered using scientific methods
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Plz me match the correct text in each cell to identify the contributions to the war effort of the three facilities listed. 1. built b-29s, putting hundreds of the war's most advanced aircraft into service 2. large civilian workforce transported soldiers and goods to the two war fronts; built "liberty ships" to move men and supplies across the ocean 3. trained new recruits, held prisoners of war, repaired damaged aircraft, prepared thousands of soldiers for combat bell bomber plant military bases brunswick
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What is most likely impact of clearing natural landscape to construct high rise buildings
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To what is the growth of civilization most clearly traced
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Anna, a single parent, is a full-time manager at a flower store. her teenage daughter, tina, is a re...
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