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Capital refers to money and material that can be used to produce goods and services; capital refers to personal connections and networks that enable people to accomplish goals.
a) economic, culture
b) monetary, social
c) economic, social

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Ron works for a large american company that is thinking about buying another large company. before the deal is announced, ron writes an article for the paper that tells all of the details of the possible business deal. ron's boss fires him for giving secret company information to the public. why is ron's company allowed to fire him without violating his "freedom of speech" rights? a. companies are fully protected by free speech laws. b. ron's boss was not born in america. c. newspapers do not count as speeches because they are written. d. ron's company has a right to protect its interests.the answer is d
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Humans are the only animals capable of communication
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Kate is 14 years old and just started taking dance classes with her friends at a local dance studio. this is her first time in a dance program, so everything is new to her. her friends convinced her to join the class since they have been enjoying it for a few months. how could the following terms her succeed in the dance class? ● secondary reinforcement ● identity vs. role confusion ● observational learning how could the following terms hinder her success in the class? ● circadian rhythm ● basal ganglia ● vestibular sense
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What is naturalistic about chopin's two stories, "the story of an hour" and "a pair of silk stockings"? provide textual evidence to support your claim.
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Capital refers to money and material that can be used to produce goods and services; capital refer...
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