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This man was known for revolutionizing the athenian government by introducing democracy, stipends for public officials, and juries for court trials.




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What issue within the missouri compromise slowed arkansas's process of achieving statehood?
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1of the following choices, which one best describes one way that christianity came to east africa? a. christians traveled in caravans through the sahara desert and introduced the people of mali to a new religion. b. christian traders from the mediterranean interacted with the people of axum. c. christian military from west africa traveled across the continent to bring their religion to the people of east africa. d. christian rulers from asia traveled to east africa to bring their religion to the people. 2 which trade item from outside the region did west africans need most? a. gold b. camels c. salt d. iron
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The conflict perspective explains deviance in terms of power and inequality. select the best answer from the choices provided t f
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Me! will give brainliest to whoever answers correctly! arrange the events in peruvian history in chronological order using the numbers 1-6. a. simón bolívar and antonio jóse de sucre’s defeat of spanish forces ensures peru’s independence. b. alejandro toledo is the first indigenous peruvian elected president. c. spanish conquistador francisco pizarro arrives in peru and enslaves peru's indigenous people. d. túpac amaru ii is executed, and his sacrifice inspires peruvians to seek independence and equal rights for indigenous people. e. the chaví­n culture establishes settlements high in the andes. f. attacks by rebel groups threaten democratic rule. (for example, find out the dates of the events (years) and and list them below) you for your time!
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This man was known for revolutionizing the athenian government by introducing democracy, stipends fo...
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